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We are Momkai, a design studio in Amsterdam that works in a holistic way. We build brands and platforms that serve a purpose.

We create communities that inspire their members to share knowledge and expertise. We design user experiences – from brand identities and digital platforms to real-life events – for businesses and organisations that make a positive impact in the world. We back teams and ventures that put trust first.

Our designs cultivate calm – so only the content can drive you to distraction.

Fifteen years after founding Momkai, creative director Harald Dunnink has written down the principles that underpin our designs. They stem from a drive for quality and an eye for detail. Our philosophy guides everything we do, from strategic consulting to meticulous craft.

Concept and design for top institute for cancer research Oncode

Since 2002, we have been sharing our journey with the dreamers and thinkers we seek to empower.

We work as our clients’ partners, helping to create innovative projects. And sometimes we choose to launch a disruptive new business of our own. The best-known example is the successful online journalism platform De Correspondent. As its co-founders, we designed it from the ground up.

Concept and design for the first Master Digital Design in the Netherlands

We put trust in your skills, give you the freedom to pioneer and appreciate any perspective other than our own. 

By working together closely across disciplines we create the best work and have the most fun. At Momkai you are part of a design studio with character. Proudly independent, since 2002. 

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