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We are Momkai.

Strategic design agency

We design meaningful experiences for members online and in the real world. We've helped to launch global platforms, break two crowdfunding 
world records, and built brands that last.

Recently we welcomed new clients from
Tokyo, London, Amsterdam and Washington.

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People and projects


We are designers, driven to create holistic user experiences. We are project leaders, focused to launch trusted initiatives. We are pragmatic strategists, making sure a bold proposition becomes a beautiful reality. We are developers, motivated to solve the problems members care most about. 

We work for mission-driven organisations such as the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football with 1.2M members), Swapfiets (180,000 members), the New York University, top cancer research center Oncode Institute, the Embassy of Good Science, Imperial College London, and leading bike builders VanMoof

Momkai is the co-founder of De Correspondent and The Correspondent ⁠— the first ad-free, member-funded journalism platforms for unbreaking news. In 2013 we helped to launch this Dutch journalism platform and our 2018 campaign for the English-language version set a new world record in journalism crowdfunding. 

The Verge: "VanMoof just made the Tesla of bicycles"

We work from the design philosophy of calm. Our designs cultivate calm – so only the content can drive you to distraction.

We introduced this at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in 2016. We have written down the principles that underpin our designs. They stem from a drive for quality and an eye for detail. Our philosophy guides everything we do, from strategic consulting to meticulous craft.

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We put trust in your skills and give you the freedom to pioneer. You will be welcomed by a close-knit team. Proudly independent, since 2002.

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